Dr B Wasihun

Betiel Wasihun, M.A., Ph.D. (Heidelberg)
DAAD-Montgomery Fellow at Lincoln College


Betiel Wasihun’s research interests include German and Comparative literature from the eighteenth century to the present with a particular emphasis on twentieth century literature and aesthetics. She has worked on authors such as Kafka, R. Walser, Eichendorff and Beckett. Her current research project examines the literary representations of betrayal in a comparative study from the Middle Ages to the present.



German literature from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, contemporary literature, and translation.




Gewollt–Nicht-Gewollt: Wettkampf bei Kafka. Mit Blick auf Robert Walser und Samuel Beckett (Heidelberg: Winter, 2010)

Playing False: Representations of Betrayal, editor, together with Kristina Mendicino (Oxford: Lang, 2013) [Series: Cultural History and Literary Imagination, eds Christian Emden and David Midgley]

Emotions and the Justification of Betrayal. A Comparative Study from the ‘Nibelungenlied’ to Roth’s American Trilogy [working title, monograph in progress]


‘Eth(n)ical Betrayal: Kleist’s “Die Verlobung in St. Domingo” and Roth’s “The Human Stain,” in: Playing False: Representations of Betrayal, editor, together with Kristina Mendicino (Oxford: Lang 2013)

(co-authored with Kristina Mendicino) “Introduction,” in Playing False – Representations of Betrayal. Eds. Betiel Wasihun and Kristina Mendicino. (Oxford: Lang, 2013)

“The Name ‘Kafka’: Evocation and Resistance in Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore”, MLN (December 2014, Comparative Literature Issue 129.5)

“Kafka’s Failing Migrant and Spaces for Integration in Contemporary German and American Literature”, Neohelicon (Springer), forthcoming 2015

“To Be Seen: Shame in Kafka’s Beschreibung eines Kampfes”, Modern Language Review (July Issue 2015)

“Afropolitan Writing”, in: Handbooks of English and American Studies: Text and Theory. Ed. Julia Straub (Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, forthcoming 2016)

“‘Nichtstun und dennoch Haltung beobachten’” – Robert Walser und Samuel Beckett, in: Muße – Faulheit – Nichts-Tun: Fehlende und fehlschlagende Handlungen in der russischen und europäischen Literatur seit der Aufklärung. Eds. Andrea Zink and Sonja Koroliov, in “Slavica Aenipontana” Innsbruck University, forthcoming 2015.

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