Cédric Ploix

BA (Lyon — UCL)
MA (Paris – Montreal)
Year of DPhil: 3


My research interests are early modern French theatre, translation studies, theatre translation, multilingual theatre.

My thesis will provide a reflection on the thriving production of post-war translations and adaptations of Molière’s comedies, and will attempt to account for the success of some of the translations with reference to their prosody. It focuses on the formal strategies deployed by translators rather than on cultural domestication, reterritorialisation and modernisation of the idiom, which are mainstream topics in theatre translation studies.
The thesis will also provide a study of the aesthetic and dramatic effects of Molière’s and Racine’s alexandrines.


2017-2018          Translation Practice: English-French-English, Continuing Education, Oxford
2017-2018          French 5 (B2), Continuing Education, Oxford
2017-2018          Tutorials on Molière and Racine, Keble College
2016-2018          French Tutor, Intensive weekends, Continuing Education, Oxford
2016-2017          Translation into French, Jesus College


(Peer-reviewed) ‘Traduire l’alexandrin pour la scène anglaise, l’exemple des trois “McGoughières.”’ Palimpsestes, n° 29, Paris: Presses de l’Université Paris Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Oct. 2016, 121-135. 

(Peer-reviewed) ‘La traduction de la scène, pour la scène et sur la scène : un paradigme de création.’ Chemin de tr@verse(forthcoming).

(Blog post) ‘Editorialités: pratiques et enjeux à travers les siècles’ (report on study-day), for Voltaire Foundation Blog and Oxford French Early Modern Seminar.

(Blog post) ‘Mark Ledbury on History Painting’ (account of seminar session), for Oxford French Early Modern Seminar.

Conference and Seminar Papers

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  • British Comparative Literature Association
  • Society for Early Modern French Studies
  • Society for French Studies
  • European Society for Translation Studies


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