Dr Kasia Szymanska

Kasia Szymanska, BA, MA (Warsaw), MPhil (Cambridge), DPhil (Oxford)
Junior Research Fellow in Slavonic Languages

Dr Kasia Szymanska is a Junior Research Fellow in Slavonic Languages at University College and a member of the committee of the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation research centre. Her research lies in literary translation thought, experimental translations, and multilingual poetics — especially with reference to the East European context. Funded by Rawnsley Graduate Scholarship, her DPhil project focused on the notion of “literary metatranslation” across Polish, English, and German; it discussed the cultural and ethical implications of the self-reflexive artistic strategy of multiplying different translation variants by the same translator or a group of translators.

Kasia is currently involved in the Prismatic Translation and World Literatures strands of the Creative Multilingualism research project, especially in the collaborative project on Prismatic Jane Eyre, the Multilingual Creative Writing hub, as well as a conference on multilingualisms in world literature.

Kasia is an active translator and translation critic. Besides translating academic articles and literature, she also reviews books on translation (e.g. for WWB and the OCCT Review). In 2015, she was awarded the EST Translation Prize. In 2018, she is serving as one of the judges of the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize. A keen learner of modern languages, she knows Polish, English and German, continues at Oxford with her French and Yiddish, and recently started learning Russian.

Besides offering tutorials for colleges, she lectures on selected topics in Polish Literature (Paper VIII) at the Faculty (e.g. in HT18).


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