Dr M Reza

BA (UCL); MA (UCL); D.Phil (Oxon)


John Fell Fund postdoctoral research assistant, Cultures on the move: Italy and the USA

Modern and Medieval Languages Faculty Lecturer and Italian Language Tutor

Research network ISO Events Coordinator (Italian Studies at Oxford)

Modern Languages Review Editorial Assistant (Italian)



I look at the migration of oral and written narratives, particularly the fairy-tale, from Italy to the US during the twentieth century. My research has also focused on fantastic literature, utopian narratives, the role of psychoanalysis in literature, possible world theory, and representations of madness.



I teach Translation from Italian into English, and nineteenth and twentieth century Italian poetry and prose. 


Select Publications

Edited Volumes


- The Good Place: Comparative Perspectives on Utopia, eds, Florian Mussgnug and Matthew Reza (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014).


Refereed Journal Articles


- ‘A Calabrian in Minnesota: the Tales of James Mancina’, Italian Americana, [Forthcoming].

- ‘The Irreducible Qfwfq: Rethinking the All-Seeing I’, Modern Languages Online. [in press]

- ‘Reporting the Fantastic: Deferral and Pan-determinism in Ugo Tarchetti’, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 53.4 (October 2017), 430-443.

- Violence Against Reason and the Mind in Luigi Pirandello’s Fantastic Fiction’, Pirandello Studies, 37 (2017), 47-58.

- ‘Telling New Tales in New Spaces: La fiaba in America’, Italian Canadiana, Special Issue, Vol. 31 (2017), 141-155.

- ‘A New Century of the Impossible: Giovanni Papini’s Fantastico Interno’, Modern Language Notes, 132.1 (January 2017), 164-182.

- ‘Oltre il confine: dilatazione dei paradigmi di realtà nei racconti fantastici di Dino Buzzati’, Italianistica, 44.3 (Sept/Dec 2015), 163-175.

- ‘Noi siamo uni’: Paradox in Tommaso Landolfi’s Fantastic Literature’, The Italianist, 35.1 (Feb 2015), 78–90.


Book Chapters


 - ‘Struggling Against Utopia in Defoe, Wells, Atwood’, in The Good Place: Comparative Perspectives on Utopia, eds Florian Mussgnug and Matthew Reza (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014), pp. 189-202.


Book Reviews


 - ‘Re-Imagining a Modern Fantastic’, review of Andrzej Wicher, Piotr Spyra, and Joanna Matyjaszczyk, eds, Basic Categories of Fantastic Literature Revisited (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014), Extrapolation, 58.1 (2017), pp. 102-106.

- Review of Valentina Polcini, Dino Buzzati and Anglo-American Culture: The Re-use of Visual and Narrative Texts in his Fantastic Fiction (Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2014), Modern Languages Review, 111.4 (Oct 2016), pp. 1145-1146.

- Review of Artur Blaim, Gazing in Useless Wonder English Utopian Fictions, 1516-1800 (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013), The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, 26.3 (2015): 603-605.

- Review of Beatrice Sica, L’Italia magica di Gianfranco Contini: storia e interpretazione (Roma: Bulzoni, 2013), Italian Studies 70.1 (Feb 2015), pp. 159-160.


Web-Based Publications


- ‘Marvellous Mountains and Calamitous Cities: Personal Landscapes in Dino Buzzati’s Fantastic Fiction’, Reading Italy (Jan 2016).


Other publications


- ‘C’era una volta: Review of Fiabe Italiane’ theatre review, Burton Taylor Studio Oxford, 8-12 March 2016, dir. Aldo Grassi Pucci, Michael Subialka, and Alberica Bazzoni (The Oxonian Review, May 2016)

- ‘The Futurist Synthetic Theatre 2015’, theatre review of ‘Serata Futurista’, Burton Taylor Studio Oxford, 10-14 March 2015, dir. Aldo Grassi Pucci and Michael Subialka (The Oxonian Review, March 2015)

- ‘The Act of Writing’, review of Sebald, Winfried G, A Place in the Country, trans. Jo Catling (London: Hamish Hamilton, 2013), The Oxonion Review 23.5. Dec 2013.

- Writing the Fantastic’ Review of Kij Johnson’s Inaugural Lecture, Pembroke Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Honour of JRR Tolkien (The Oxonian Review, Jan 2013)


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