Melissa Purkiss

3rd Year D.Phil 

BA French and Russian (University of Oxford); M.St. Medieval & Modern Languages (University of Oxford)

Address: Wolfson College, Oxford, U.K.



My doctoral thesis focuses on first-wave Russian émigré writing, with particular attention to the works of Gaito Gazdanov. I am interested in the intersection of French and Russian influences in Gazdanov’s writing, which I situate according to three axes: a Russian nineteenth-century tradition, European (principally French) modernism, and early Soviet writing. My research interests include literary bilingualism (or multilingualism), theories of influence, transnationalism, and the literature of interwar Paris.


‘ “Untranslatables” in Marina Tsvetaeva’s KrysolovForum for Modern Language Studies, Volume 54, Issue 2, 1 April 2018, Pages 244–263


Prose translation (Russian into English); Nabokov 


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