Rosalind Holmes Duffy

DPhil candidate, French (3rd year)

Merton College, Oxford, OX1 4JD

BA (Simon’s Rock College of Bard), MSt (Worcester College, Oxford)


I’m writing my doctoral dissertation on the ocular harpsichord, which was invented by the Jesuit journalist Louis Bertrand Castel (1688-1757), and looked like this.

My work is supervised by Dr. Edward Nye, and funded by a three-year grant from the AHRC.

Seminars and Unpublished Papers

La dispute d’Orphée Rameau avec Euclide Castel
Projet Agon Lunchtime Seminar, (compte rendu)

The Polemical Optics and Optical Polemics of 1740
French Postgraduate Seminar

‘Au-delà de la portée des yeux’?: The Optics of Castel and Deslandes
Early Modern Seminar, Postgraduate Session

Postgraduate Respondent at the Enlightenment Workshop’s Round Table on Marian Hobson’s ‘Diderot and Rousseau: Networks of Enlightenment’

‘Diderot at the Ocular Harpsichord’, M.St Dissertation

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