S Frank

Svenja Frank (B.A., Magister, Staatsexamen, Freiburg)
DAAD-Lektorin at Hertford, Lincoln, St Edmund Hall, St Hilda’s and St Peter’s Colleges



My research concentrates on contemporary German literature – with a particular focus on Felicitas Hoppe, Wilhelm Genazino, and Thomas Lehr –, High Modernism and Romanticism. I am also particularly interested in literary psycho-pathography.


I have been teaching seminars on “Introduction to Literary Studies”, “Contemporary German Literature” and “Thomas Mann’s Late Novels” at the English and German Departments of the University of Freiburg and Riga before joining Oxford University in 2010. Besides my responsibility for the oral/aural and essay writing classes (Paper I) at all undergraduate levels, I lecture on “Nation and Nationalism” in the series on “German Society and Culture since 1890” and teach seminars on “Contemporary German Literature” (Paper XII) and “Fall of the Wall and Reunification in German Literature”.

In addition, I will teach a course on Felicitas Hoppe, winner of the Georg-Büchner-Prize 2012, next Michaelmas Term with the author present for discussion in the last session. This course is primarily for second year students but other students should get in touch if they are interested.


Outreach Activities and Academic Events

In my position as DAAD-Lektorin I particularly enjoy the opportunity to cooperate with other cultural institutions in outreach projects and to organise academic, literary, and cultural events such as author readings, a Writer-in-Residence-Programme with Felicitas Hoppe and an international conference entitled “Ten Years On – 9/11 in European Literature” (http://www.mod-langs.ox.ac.uk/ten-years-on). 


Edited Books 

9/11 in European Literature (in preparation)

“‘ (with Matthias Emrich, Dorothea Flothow et al): Geschichtstransformationen. Transformations of History. Bielefeld: Transcript (forthcoming)

“‘(with Julia Ilgner): Geschichts(er)findungen. Felicitas Hoppe als Erzählerin zwischen Tradition und Transmoderne. Göttingen: 2015 (Series: Poiesis. Standpunkte der Gegenwartsliteratur) (accepted, in preparation).

Articles in Journal and Books

“The Mimicry of Dialogue: Thomas Lehr’s September. Fata Morgana.” In: 9/11 in European Literature (in preparation).

“‘Geliebtes Geheimnis, das bin ja ich selbst’: Die Initiationsgeschichte in Felicitas Hoppes Johanna (2006) als transmoderne Wiedergeburt des Autors.” Euphorion (forthcoming 2013).

“‘In Wahrheit erfahre ich nur meine Teilnahme am allgemeinen Trivialschicksal.’ Melancholy as an Existentialist Mood in Wilhelm Genazino’s Novels and its Construction as Other.” Edinburgh German Yearbook 2012, vol. VI, Sadness in Modern German-Language Literature and Culture, Rochester, New York: Camden House (forthcoming October 2012).

Minor Publications


„Kathrin Schmidt“, Eintrag in: Killy Literaturlexikon. 2., vollst. überarb. Aufl. Hg. v. Wilhelm Kühlmann in Gemeinschaft mit Achim Aurnhammer, Jürgen Egyptien, Karina Kellermann, Steffen Martus, Reimund B. Sdzuj. Berlin, New York 2010.

(with Diana Heß): “What If this Conference had Not Taken Place. (Conference Proceedings of: Counterfactual Thinking / Counterfactual Writing. An Interdisciplinary Conference Organised by the School of Language and Literature at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), Sept 28th-30th 2009)”, JLTonline (05.02.2010), www.jltonline.de/index.php/conferences/article/view/156/496.

“Lang lebe der Autor. Ruth Klüger untersucht die Schnittmengen zwischen Literatur und Historiografie.” Freiburger GeschlechterStudien 20.2007, 339-341.

Conference Papers and Talk


“Hollywood als Gedächtnisstütze: Intermedialität in Günter Grass’ Im Krebsgang.” ALEG-Conference, Guadalajara, Mexico, March 5-9, 2012. 

“9/11: Zehn Jahre danach – Das literarische Persien als amerikanisch-irakischer third space in Thomas Lehrs September. Fata Morgana (2010).” German Studies Association Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, September 22-25, 2011.

“The Mimicry of Dialogue: Thomas Lehr’s September. Fata Morgana.Ten Years On: 9/11 in European Literature, University of Oxford, September 15-16, 2011.

“Zusammengerollte Wirklichkeit. Felicitas Hoppes Paradiese, Übersee.” Literaturbüro Freiburg, April 22, 2008.

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