Vittoria Fallanca

I hold a BA in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and an MSt in Modern Languages (French) from the University of Oxford. I was a visiting student at Harvard in 2013-14. 


My DPhil thesis considers the use of the word ‘dessein’ in Montaigne’s Essais. This word, which means both aim/intention as well as material plan/design, affords us important insights into the writing practice of the author of the Essais, as well as attitudes to artistic creation during his time. 

More broadly, my research interests are in the fields of Literature, Philosophy and Art History & Theory, and particularly where these overlap.


I am Stipendiary Lecturer at Oriel College, where I teach (or have taught) the following:

Prelims - Paper III (Montaigne and Racine); Paper II (French-to-English translation), Paper I (English-to French translation). 

FHS - Paper VII (16th- and 17th-century literature including: Rabelais, women’s writing, sixteenth-century poetry, Pascal, Descartes), Paper X (early modern special authors: Montaigne and Molière).

Organisational Roles

I am graduate convener for the Early Modern French research seminar and co-convener of the French Graduate Seminar. I have co-ordinated the Gender & Authority TORCH Network, and run a Literature & Philosophy reading group for graduates of the faculty and beyond. 

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