Marianna Deganutti

Marianna Deganutti

DPhil student (2nd year)
Address:  St Hugh’s College, Saint Margaret’s Road, Oxford OX2 6LE




D.Phil thesis (provisional title):  Fulvio Tomizza: the other, the exile, the stranger to himself

Supervisor: Dr. Emmanuela Tandello (Christ Church, Oxford)

The focus of my thesis is the early works of Fulvio Tomizza, the writer who faced the overwhelming experience of the Istrian exile during the Second World War. Due to the Adriatic peninsula’s composite background, the figure of the exile shown in his novels shapes the path towards a profound sense of estrangement.

Thanks to Said, Freud and Kristeva’s approaches, Tomizza’s characters shed light on the exilic experience in a rather unique way. Otherness, which takes root before the exile itself, becomes the fragmented dimension of exiles, whose identity can never be pieced together. These traits of Tomizza’s works place him in a wider international perspective, bringing to light an ‘uncomfortable’, but important Italian author of the 20th century.

This research is funded by an AHRC scholarship.   

Interests: Fulvio Tomizza, Triestine literature, relationships between philosophy and literature, translation.



1st year Prose; 2nd year Prose (Faculty of Modern Languages, Oxford)


2nd year Prose (Faculty of Modern Langages, Oxford)

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