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Aaron Gabriel is an organiser, writer and DPhil student. They undertook a Bachelor's degree at the University of Cambridge in Modern and Medieval Languages (French with ab initio Russian), before completing a two-year Master's degree in Comparative Literature at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, France. They are currently reading for a DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages at Wadham College.


Their doctoral research is concerned with questions of bodily otherness as studied through the lens of 20th Century French thought.  They work primarily with the philosophical writings of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Jean-Paul Sartre to produce a phenomenological model of illness as subjective experience in an othered body. They do this in parallel with a wider exploration of diverse forms of bodily othering, such as queerness, and the ways in which bodily otherness shapes perceptions of the self, our relationship to the Other (autrui) and ways of being in the world.


Lectures and Presentations

Vers une philosophie bâtarde, ou comment faire valoir une pensée doublement illégitime dans le monde anglophone (Towards a bastard philosophy, or how to advocate for thinking deemed doubly illegitimate in the anglophone world)
Colloque international "Théoriser en féministe: Philosophie, épistémologie, politique", Lyon (France), 25th April 2018

the irresistable spectacle of nonbinary drag: on unclassifiable bodies and frustrating the gaze of the other
Oxford Queer Studies Network, Oxford (UK), 30th April 2018

Coronavirus, ou les voix à oublier (Coronavirus, or the voices to forget), Friction Magazine, 28th April 2020