Alberto Ravani


My research interests focus primarily on Greek poetry, Byzantine and Classical philology, and textual criticism. My DPhil project provides a new edition of John Tzetzes’ Allegories of the Iliad that takes into account both the story of the text and its manuscript transmission; part of the project is also an introduction that supports the edited text focusing on language, metre, context and reception. 

Further research interests include Greek language and culture from classical antiquity to the contemporary age, palaeography, manuscript studies and comparative literature. 


President, Oxford University Byzantine Society

MA Philology, Literature and history of Antiquity | Ca’ Foscari – University of Venice

Erasmus + | Universität Hamburg

BA Literature (Curriculum: Classics) | Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna



MT 2020, Reading Class: Euripides, Bacchae (Faculty of Classics)

TT 2021, Reading Class: Herodotus, Book VIII (Faculty of Classics)


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