Amy Steinepreis



As a DPhil candidate in Medieval and Modern Languages at Merton College, Oxford, I am currently writing a comparative thesis on novelistic finitude in Vladimir Nabokov, Carlo Emilio Gadda, and Samuel Beckett.


My Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majored in English, French, and Italian, after which I completed a Master of International Journalism (Dist) at The University of Western Australia. In 2015 I matriculated at Oxford and completed the M.St in Modern Languages (Dist) with work on French, Italian, English, and Russian novels. I have pursued my research interests from this Masters into my DPhil, which is jointly funded by Rhodes and Clarendon Scholarships, and the Oxford Moussouris Merton Graduate Scholarship.


My doctoral thesis, in short, investigates how the concept of alterity interconnects with finitude in and of novels. I am informed in this research by the writings of the contemporary French philosopher Meillassoux, as well as the philosophy of Heidegger, Blanchot, Levinas, Derrida, and Nancy.




I am a Graduate Mentor at Merton College, Oxford.


Previously I worked as a casual tutor in Italian at the University of Western Australia, and tutored students privately in English, French, and Italian during my undergraduate studies in Australia.


Conference presentations


(2018) ‘Finitude of the Corp(u)s and the Aporia of Touch in Beckett’s Trilogy’, Oxford French Graduate Seminar, The University of Oxford

(2017) ‘Disruption of the new(s): echoes of journalism’s evolution in contemporary Australian and Francophone literature’, Canadian Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, Ryerson University (part of the 2017 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences)

(2016) ‘The (dis)appearance of nothing in Beckett’s L’Innommable,’ Oxford French Graduate Seminar, The University of Oxford

(2014) ‘Noumenal Cities: Kantian Overtones in Modern Detective Fiction’, American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, New York University

(2013) ‘Between Central Purgatory and the Outer Rim’, British Comparative Literature Association XIII International Conference, The University of Essex

(2013) ‘Débordement: Going Overboard in Sydney Harbour’, American Comparative Literature Assocation Annual Meeting, The University of Toronto

(2011) ‘Editorial consciousness in masterpieces by the appendicisti’, Convention at the Watchtower for the Modern Novel, Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy

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