Andrzej Stuart-Thompson

Andrzej Stuart-Thompson is a DPhil student in Modern and Medieval Languages (Portuguese) at Jesus College, University of Oxford.


His research interests include twentieth and twenty-first century Portuguese women’s poetry; vulnerability as a positive form of resistance to patriarchy; and the possibilities for dis-anthropocentric thought emerging from posthumanism, ecofeminism, critical animal studies and plant philosophy. His thesis examines ambiguous reworkings of epic poetry by Natália Correia, Luiza Neto Jorge and Ana Luísa Amaral in relation to the Portuguese canon. He is a co-creator of the Jesus College Digital Hub Reading Club, a community exploring robotics, AI and digital technologies in contemporary fiction. With Dr Dorothée Boulanger, he is co-convening the ‘Luso-Ecologies’ symposium (30-31 March 2023), which aims to uncover ecological expression emerging from Lusophone contexts (please see the call for papers in English and in Portuguese).


As a Portuguese language teacher, he has taught grammar to 1st year undergraduates, essay writing skills to 2nd years and translation classes to Finalists. In terms of literature teaching, he has delivered lectures on the poetry of Ana Luísa Amaral and given tutorials on Fernando Pessoa for Portuguese Paper XI.


Boulanger, D., and A. Stuart-Thompson. (Forthcoming) ‘Postcolonial childhoods, literary filiations? Angolan boyhood narratives in the works of Luandino Vieira and Ondjaki’. Global Portuguese: Legacies of Empire and Acculturation (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press: 2023).

Stuart-Thompson, A. ‘Ethically Inclined Models of Authorship and Lyric Subjectivity in the Poetry of Adília Lopes’. ELyra: Revista Da Rede Internacional Lyracompoetics, n. 14, Dec. 2019, pp. 19-47,

Conference Presentations:

Boulanger, D., and A. Stuart-Thompson. ‘Urban childhoods, literary filiations? Connecting and comparing childhood narratives in Angolan Literature’. Global Portuguese, 18 July 2019, Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study University of London.

Stuart-Thompson, A. ‘A Humanity of Cockroaches and a Gesturality of Dolphins: New Worlds for Nonhuman People in Ecotopian Portuguese Poetry’. Opening Utopia: New Directions in Utopian Studies, 22nd Annual Conference of the Utopian Studies Society, 13-15 July 2022, University of Brighton.

—. ‘Portuguese Epic’s Unruly Daughter: Ana Luísa Amaral and her resistance to dominant visions of Portuguese nationhood in the queerly spectral, eco-utopian poetry of Escuro (2014)’. Rethinking Resistance, an interdisciplinary graduate conference, 23-24 June 2022, University of Oxford.

—. ‘The plant, the cat and the cockroach: the entangled ethics of thinking dis-anthropocentrically with Adília Lopes’. Estar em casa com Adília Lopes: do privado ao político, 30 June — 2 July 2021, University of Vigo (Spain).

—. ‘Submerging patriarchy, emerging matriarchy: Natália Correia’s Cântico do País Emerso (1961)’. IX ABIL Conference: Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries, 17-18 September 2021, Newcastle University.

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