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I completed a BA in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) at Durham University before coming to Oxford, where I completed the MSt in Modern Languages (Spanish). 

My research interests lie in the Spanish Golden Age. My DPhil, funded by the Santander DPhil Scholarship for Spanish Studies, looks at the explosion of plays dealing with favouritism at the turn of the seventeenth century, just as Spain’s own monarch, Philip III, reinstituted the favourite, or privado, at the heart of Spanish government. The thesis looks at the development of the comedia de privanza as it first appears and then grows in sophistication during the reign of Philip III (1598-1621), focussing on the works of four playwrights: Salucio del Poyo, Lope de Vega, Vélez de Guevara and Mira de Amescua. Salucio del Poyo was the first playwright to pen a comedia de privanza, and the thesis analyses the literary features that he established that would become characteristic of the genre. The following chapters show how each playwright, in his own way, both imitated and innovated upon Poyo’s initial examples, demonstrating the increasing sophistication with which playwrights approached the issue of privanza and its attendant philosophical and political debates. It demonstrates the individual traits of each playwright, but also attempts to show the overarching development of the genre as Philip’s reign progressed. Therefore, the thesis seeks to answer the following questions: what are the literary and thematic characteristics of the comedia de privanza as established in the earliest years of Philip III’s reign by Salucio del Poyo? How did later playwrights develop and innovate on the first examples of the genre? And finally, what was the relationship between these plays and contemporary political thought and events?

I am a member of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 


I am a Stipendiary Lecturer at St Anne's College, and I also tutor at Lady Margaret Hall and Somerville College. I teach all aspects of the Prelims course (both literature and language), and at FHS, I teach the Golden Age literature papers (VII and X), as well as Unseen Translation.