Barbara Olla


Barbara Olla  is a DPhil candidate in Italian Studies at the University of Oxford. Her research area lies at the intersection between Literature and Philosophy in the work of twentieth-century authors, in particular Luigi Pirandello, Carlo Emilio Gadda and Italo Calvino. In 2006 Barbara graduated in Modern Literature from the University of Cagliari. In 2013 she joined the University of Oxford, earning a MSt in Medieval and Modern Languages.



FHS Papers VIII, XI: Cesare Pavese; Giovanni Verga; Italian Modernism: Italo Svevo, Luigi Pirandello and Carlo Emilio Gadda.

She has also taught a variety of language classes including: Grammar,  Listening & Reading comprehension, Preliminary Essay and Italian Prose Composition (i.e. translation from English to Italian).


Academic Background

BA/MA in Italian Literature: University of Cagliari 

MSt. in Modern Languages: St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford


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