Birgit Mikus

Birgit’s research interests include nineteenth-century studies, women’s writing, political literature, and philosophy of language.



The Political Woman in Print. German Women’s Writing 1845-1919 (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014).


Birgit Mikus, Emily Spiers (eds.), Fractured Legacies: Historical, Cultural and Political Perspectives on German Feminism, a special issue of Oxford German Studies, vol. 45:1, March 2016.


Birgit Mikus, Emily Spiers, ‘Split Infinities: German Feminisms and the Generational Project’, in:

Fractured legacies: historical, cultural and political perspectives on German feminism, a special issue of

Oxford German Studies, vol. 45:1, March 2016, pp. 5-30.


‘Untangling the heroic from the sacrifice: Malwida von Meysenbug’s attempt to appropriate a

common female topos in and for her political novel Phädra (1885)’, in Helden – Heroisierungen –

Heroismen (Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, to appear in 2017).


‘Children of the Revolution? A case study of the missing next generation in women’s political

writings in the nineteenth century and Hedwig Dohm’s novels’, The Feminine in German

Culture: A Special Issue in Honour of Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, German Life and Letters, vol. 67:4,

October 2014, pp. 542-54.


‘“Sprechmaschine Du”: Sprachkritik in ausgewählten Romanen Hedwig Dohms’, German Life and Letters, vol. 62:2, April 2009, pp. 115-39.

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