Carlos F. Grigsby


My DPhil thesis aims to explain why a poet as important as Rubén Darío is relatively unknown in the English-speaking world. It analyses the role translations (or lack thereof) have played in Darío’s reception; in doing so, it also uncovers the multilingualism of his writing. In addition, it looks to develop a new framework for translating poetry which, like Darío’s, depends so much on prosody.

One of the outcomes of this research will be a new translation of Cantos de vida y esperanza (1905).  


I teach Second Year Unseen Translation (FHS), as well as Spanish American options for Paper VIII & Paper XI (FHS).

Academic Publications

‘The Different Lives of Rubén Darío’s Los raros’ in Bulletin of Spanish Studies (forthcoming 2018).  

Recent Conference Papers

18-20 January 2018: Multilingualism and Multilingual Identities in World Literature (SOAS, Univeristy of London) with a paper on Darío’s use of French called ‘Thinking in French & Writing in Spanish’.

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