Carlos F. Grigsby


My DPhil thesis aims to explain why a poet as important as Rubén Darío is relatively unknown in the English-speaking world. It analyses the role translations (or lack thereof) have played in Darío’s reception. It also uncovers the multilingualism of his writing. In addition, it looks to develop a new framework for translating poetry which, like Darío’s, depends so much on prosody.

One of the outcomes of this research will be a new translation of a selection of his poetry


I teach Paper I & II (Prelims) and Second Year Unseen Translation (FHS), as well as Spanish American options for Paper VIII & Paper XI (FHS).

Academic Publications

‘El fracaso de París: Rubén Darío’s Modernista Campaign in France’ in Modern Language Review (October, 2019). 

‘The Different Lives of Rubén Darío’s Los raros’ in Bulletin of Spanish Studies (July, 2018).  

Recent Conference Papers

18-20 January 2018: Multilingualism and Multilingual Identities in World Literature (SOAS, Univeristy of London) with a paper on Darío’s use of French called ‘Thinking in French & Writing in Spanish’.

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