Daniel Cabeza-Campillo

Career Development Fellow in Spanish

BA in Translation, Media and Modern Languages (Spanish and French), University of East Anglia – Universidad de Salamanca (Spain); MA in Applied Translation Studies, University of East Anglia.



Main areas of interest: Spanish language, translation studies, audiovisual translation (AVT) and applied linguistics.

  • BA dissertation title: “Audiovisual Translation (AVT): A study on the constraints of dubbing irony focusing on The Simpsons TV Series

  • MA dissertation title: “Cognitive Linguistics and Translation: A study on the translation of conceptual metaphors in the press”

Daniel is an Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, a peer-reviewed journal specialised in the teaching and learning of Spanish as a foreign language. He is a Research Assistant on the Digital Humanities project COMUN-ES (Comunidad de Investigadores del Español). 


Spanish language, oral skills, writing skills, grammar and translation.

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