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After a year as a Stipendiary Lecturer in German at Wadham and at Queen’s, prior to which I spent a year as a Humboldt research fellow at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, I am now a Stipendiary Lecturer in German at St Hilda's College. I was also the recipient of a MHRA Research Scholarship in 2020/21. My doctoral thesis was concerned with the Early Romantic poet and philosopher Karoline von Günderrode (1780-1806), and how close attention to her poems, plays, and prose reveals her metaphysical commitments to Spinozist pantheism - the idea that God and the world are the same. One of the primary aims of my thesis was to establish Günderrode a significant intellectual and literary figure alongside the better known Jena circle of Frühromantiker (e.g. Novalis, Friedrich and August Wilhelm Schlegel). My doctoral thesis was awarded the inaugural Klaus Heyne-Preis zur Erforschung der deutschen Romantik (Klaus Heyne Award for Research in German Romanticism) from the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main in 2021 and was the joint first-place winner of the Novalis-Preis from the Internationale Novalis-Gesellschaft (International Novalis Society) and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena in 2022. A revised version of the thesis has been published with Legenda and the Modern Humanities Research Association, entitled Karoline von Günderrode: Philosophical Romantic

I'm broadly interested in the literature, philosophy, intellectual history, and their intersections with science in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I am currently developing a research interest in the interaction between literature and science from the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries, as well as a project on how to write an alternative history of German literature of the Goethezeit, looking at how literature is made by a variety of actors - writers, editors, publishers, and readers. 


I teach modern literature and translation on the undergraduate course: Papers II, III, and IV on the Prelims course; for FHS, Paper VIII options from the eighteenth century to twentieth century; eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century options for Paper X, as well as Paper II (unseen translation). 


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(Photo: John Cairns)