Eduardo Paredes Ocampo

Eduardo earned his undergraduate degree in Lengua y Literaturas Hispánicas at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, where he specialised in Spanish Golden Age drama. At the same time, he worked as a research assistant at the Centro de Estudios Lingüísticos y Literarios of El Colegio de México. Then, he studied an MA in Comparative Literature at King’s College, London, and an MPhil in Comparative European and Latin American Literatures and Cultures at the University of Cambridge. His research dealt with Cervantes’ Don Quijote and Shakespeare’s lost Cardenio. He is currently studying his doctorate at Oxford with a thesis that explores the early modern and contemporary stagings of La vida es sueño


‘A Bicephalic Melancholiac: Acting a Royal Pathology in Spanish Golden Age Drama’, in Staging and Stage Décor: Early Modern Spanish Theater, ed. by Bárbara Mujica (Delaware: Vernon Press, 2021).

‘Timeless Monsters and Ghosts: A Poetic Reading of Guillermo del Toro’s Narrated Epilogues’, in The Poetry-Film Nexus in Latin America: Exploring Intermediality on Page and Screen, ed. by Ben Bollig and David M. J. Wood, Moving Image, 11 (Cambridge: Legenda, 2021).

‘The Tangible/Intangible Dialectic in La dama duende: A Critical Appreciation of the CNTC’s 2017 Production’, Comedia Performance, 16 (2019), 50-71. 

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