Francesco Feriozzi

Bachelor’s Degree in Lettere Moderne and Master’s Degree in Filologia Moderna at Università degli Studi di Roma ‘Sapienza’, AHRC OOC DTP Studentship holder (2020-22)

I am currently working on a DPhil project aimed at exploring the mutual influence of the Cinquecento Questione della lingua and the contemporary Medieval Occitan studies. As part of my project, I am also going to produce a critical edition of Giammaria Barbieri’s Arte del rimare.

Among my research interests are Medieval Occitan literature, the survival and reception of (mainly Romance) Medieval culture in Renaissance Italy, theories of literature and language in 16th-century Italy, theory and methods of traditional and authorial philology. I also cultivate a secondary research interest for Alessandro Manzoni’s work.



Review of Christian Del Vento, Pierre Musitelli (eds.), Genesis 49 (2019), Textual Cultures 13, 2 (2020), 283-88

‘L’eredità goldoniana in Manzoni: rilettura dei contributi e una proposta’, Annali manzoniani 3 (2021), 119-149

‘La mano di Giovanni Maria Barbieri nel canzoniere provenzale c (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plutei 90 inf. 26)’, Cultura neolatina 83, 1-2 (June-July 2023, forthcoming)




Paola Italia, Giulia Raboni et al., What is authorial philology?, trans. by Francesco Feriozzi, Luca Mazzocchi, Carolina Rossi and Katherine Kirby (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2021)


Other activities:

MMLGN Committee Academic Events Officer 2020-21
Work in Progress and Early Modern Graduate Seminar Co-ordinator for the Italian Sub-Faculty 2020-23
Graduate Seminars Secretary 2022-23

SCAR (St Catherine’s Academic Review) Humanities Section Chief (2021-23)

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