Hannie Lawlor


I completed my BA and MSt in French and Spanish at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.

My AHRC-Oxford Centre for Life-Writing funded research project seeks to draw into dialogue the two very different traditions of life-writing in France and Spain around the concept of relational lives, and more specifically, the challenges of recounting multiple life-stories in the same textual space. I argue that while current autobiography theory largely bypasses the tensions that arise in balancing these stories, voices and perspectives, contemporary women writers are consciously grappling with these challenges. Focusing on examples of ‘post-traumatic’ life-writing, I explore how texts published over the last two decades in France and Spain expose and navigate this relational struggle. In analysing the narrative strategies that these authors put in place to testify to the voices that are missing, I argue that contemporary life-writing practice poses a challenge to current conceptions in autobiography theory of who can, should and does tell the story.



I teach Prelims Spanish to English translation (Paper II) and I am a seminar tutor for the French Sole Prelims film course (Paper XI). I have also lectured on Spanish women writers Carmen Martín Gaite and Esther Tusquets (Paper VIII, XII).



I am keenly committed to supporting outreach and access initiatives, and I have taught at the Oxford UNIQ Summer School, as well as leading French and Spanish A-level workshops and lecturing at GCSE language days.


Conference Papers

  • (Dis)Inherited Loss and Re-placed Rights: Refocalising Relations in Colombe Schneck’s La Réparation’, Cambridge French Graduate Seminar, 21 Feb 2019
  • ‘(Auto)biographical Archetypes? Reworking Relationality in Contemporary Women’s Life-Writing’, Women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies Annual Conference, IMLR, 2 Nov 2018
  • — Spanish Research Seminar, Oxford, 13 Nov 2018
  • ‘Conflicting Relations in Christine Angot’s Un amour impossible, ASMCF-SSFH Postgraduate Conference, IMLR, 3 Mar 2018  [Special issue from the conference forthcoming in Journal of Romance Studies]
  • ‘Ventriloquising Voices: (Auto)fiction of the Extrême contemporain’, Oxford French Graduate Seminar, All Souls College, 14 Nov 2017



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