Helene Jessula Wczesniak

Helene Jessula Wczesniak, BA (Cologne), MPhil (Oxon)
Stipendiary Lecturer in German at Worcester College



I grew up in Germany and completed my undergraduate studies in German literature and musicology in Cologne. After a year as a research assistant at the Max Kade Center for Contemporary German Literature, Washington University in St. Louis (USA), I came to Oxford to do an MPhil in German at Wadham, then moved to St. John’s to do a DPhil (also in German). Before starting the DPhil, I worked as a lecturer at Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. I now work as a lecturer at Worcester and LMH teaching German language and literature and translation classes. 


My current research is looking at Thomas Kling’s poetry from the 1970s and ’80s in the context of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially in connection to the New Social Movements. 


I teach undergraduates in seminars and tutorials, in both English and German, introducing them to a wide variety of texts and topics in German literature and culture from the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries. I especially enjoy teaching poetry and have taught the special author paper on Rilke. I also teach translation into German.


‘Flußbandarbeit. Thomas Klings Niederrhein’, schliff. Literaturzeitschrift, 3 (2015), 127-37.

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