Dr James Partridge

James Partridge BA (Birmingham), MSt., D.Phil. (Oxford)
Teaching Fellow in Czech (with Slovak),
Senior College Lecturer,

My main research interest is Czech poetry from the late nineteenth century through to the 1950s, and in particular the work of Vladimír Holan (1905 – 1980). I have also worked extensively on Czech Romanticism, and on the development of Czech prosody, and have researched and published on Czech literature in English translation. Among my other interests is the ‘neo-Catholic’ movement of the 20th century (e.g. Durych and Deml). My studies in Slovak literature have focused on the major nineteenth-century poets (Hviezdoslav, Janko Kráľ, Ján Botto, etc.) and early 20th century prose authors such as Švantner, Figuli, Cíger-Hronský and Ján Johanides. 

I also have a special interest in Czech film, in particular the Czechoslovak film industry of the late 1930s and the Second World War, as well as films associated with the ‘New Wave’ of the 1960s, especially those of Miloš Forman, Jiří Menzel, Vojtěch Jasný and František Vláčil.


The Narrative Poetry of Vladimír Holan, 1939 – 1955.
(D.Phil. thesis, 2006)


Classes taught: History of Czech Literature; Czech short stories; Poetry & Drama; Literature from 1774 to the present; Czech and Slovak specialist authors; Medieval Texts.

Czech to English translation

Slovak to English translation


Translation: Ivo Hlobil, ‘Challenge and Risk: The Parlerian Statues on the Old Town Tower of Charles Bridge. A Reinterpretation’ in Umění LXIII (2015), Nos. 1-2.

Translation: Lubomír Typlt: Tikající muž: The Ticking Man (Prague: BigBoss, 2015).

Translation: Eva Hajdinová, ‘Bohemian Non Catholics and Languedoc nouveaux convertis : Prophetic and Sectarian Movements in a Comparative Perspective’ in Acta Comeniana 27 (2015).

Translation: Jan Zachariáš, ‘Vincent van Gogh’s A Pair of Shoes: An Attempt at an Interpretation’ in Umění LXII (2014), No. 4.

Fitzroy Dearborn Encyclopaedia of Literary Translation (Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001): Subject entries on Czech and Slovak literature; author entries on Karel Čapek, Jaroslav Hašek, Bohumil Hrabal, Václav Havel, Miroslav Holub, Josef Škvorecký.

Review: ‘The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk during the World War’, trans. Zdeněk Sadlon & Emmet Joyce, in Slavic and East European Journal, vol. 45, no. 4 (2001).

Review: ‘Robert Pynsent, Sex under Socialism: An Essay on the Work of Vladimír Páral’, in Slavonic and East European Review, vol. 75 (3) (1997).

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