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Dr Jose Elias-Ulloa's linguistic research mainly focuses on the phonetic and phonological aspects of prosody (metrical structure, prominent positions, intonation) and its interaction with segmental phenomena. His publications include the phonetic/acoustic documentation of endangered languages (particularly those spoken in the Amazonian region) as well as the Portuguese/Spanish that emerges from the contact with them. He has carried out extensive fieldwork on Panoan, Quechuan, Arawakan languages, and language isolates like Urarina.


Selected recent publications:



(2011) Una Documentación Acústica de la Lengua Shipibo-Conibo (Pano): Con un Bosquejo Fonológico. Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (330 pp).

(2010) An Acoustic Phonetics of Shipibo-Conibo (Pano), An Endangered Amazonian Language. Edwin Mellen Press (438 pp + ix).


Refereed-articles and book chapters:

 (2021) “Illustration of the IPA: Upper-Chambira Urarina”, co-authored with Rolando Muñoz-Aramburú. Journal of the International Phonetic Association (51.1), pp. 137-169.

 (2020) “Rhotics in Shipibo-Konibo Spanish: A Phonetic Study”. In Spanish Phonetics and Phonology in Contact. Studies from Africa, the Americas and Spain, edited by Rajiv Rao. John Benjamins, pp.163-206.

 (2020) “Interrogative Intonation in Monolingual Amazonian Spanish: The Case of Spanish Spoken in the Cities of Pucallpa and Iquitos”. In Amazonian Spanish: Language contact and evolution, edited by Stephen Fafulas. John Benjamins, pp.191-221.

 (2020) “Against Words with Two Main Stresses: The Case of Guugu Yimidhirr Revisited”. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus (60), pp. 31-41.

 (2020) “The Acoustic Correlates of Stress and Tone in Chácobo (Pano): A Production Study”, co-authored with Adam Tallman. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (147.4), pp. 3028-3042.

 (2020) “Un Estudio Acústico de las Correspondencias Sincrónicas de la Lateral Palatal */ʎ/ del Protoquechua en el Quechua de Chachapoyas” [An Acoustic Study of the Synchronic Correlates of the Proto-Quechua Palatal Lateral */ʎ/ in Chachapoyas Quechua], co-authored with Jairo Valqui, Carlos Faucet, and Jhon Jimenez. Revista Forma y Función, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (33.1), pp. 39-62.

 (2019) “Las Propiedades Acústicas de la Fonación No-modal del Boruca: Evidencia Fonética y Estatus Fonológico” [Acoustic Properties of Non-modal Phonation in Boruca: Phonetic Evidence and Phonological Status]. Revista de Filología y Lingüística. Universidad de Costa Rica (45.1), pp. 185-211.

 (2017) “Stress Adjustments in Shipibo-Konibo: Noun Loanwords from Spanish”. Amérindia (39.1), pp.83-104.

 (2016) “The Role of Prominent Prosodic Positions in Governing Laryngealization in Vowels: A Case Study of Two Panoan languages”. The Phonetics and Phonology of Laryngeal Features in Native American Languages, edited by Heriberto Avelino, Matt Coler and Leo Wetzels. Vol 12, Brill's Studies in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas, pp.180-202.


Articles under revision and peer-review (if you are interested, please email me to get the latest draft): 

(under review) The Basic Intonational Patterns of La Merced Amazonian Spanish.


(under review) Influencia Prosódica en la Espirantización de las Oclusivas Sonoras /b, d, g/ del Castellano de la Ciudad de Lima (Perú) [Prosodic Influence on the Spirantization of the Voiced stops /b, d, g/ in the Spanish spoken in Lima (Peru)].


(under revision) Prosodic Inhibition of Spirantization in Intervocalic Voiced Stops: Case Study of Monolingual Peruvian Amazonian Spanish.


(under revision) Lexically Governed Place of Articulation in Latent Consonants: Case Study of Shipibo-Konibo and Capanahua (Pano).