Dr J von Zitzewitz

Dr Josephine von Zitzewitz
Stipendiary Lecturer in Russian


Main interests

  • Late Soviet literature, in particular the 1970s and ‘underground’ literature
  • Russian poetry in all its forms
  • Religious thought and its bearing on literature
  • The literature and material memory of the Gulag

My current project is a book on the poetry of the unofficial ‘Religious-Philosophical Seminar’ (1974-1980). I am also working on a monograph on Viktor Krivulin, one of the most important ‘underground’ poets of that decade, focusing on Krivulin’s indebtedness to various Silver Age figures.

My second interest, the memory of the Gulag, I pursue as a research associate for the ‘Virtual Museum of the Gulag’ (http://www.gulagmuseum.org), a project run by ‘Memorial’ St Petersburg in which I have been involved since 2003.


I teach the full range of 19th and 20th century authors for Papers VIII, X and XI, as well as the post-1953 literature as a Special Subject for Paper XII. I also teach translation classes





  • “Viktor Krivulin and Aleksandr Mironov: The Quest for Sacred Language in 1970s Russian Poetry” (forthcoming in Modern Languages Review, April 2012 ).

• “That’s How It Was: Anna Akhmatova and Isaiah Berlin” (Times LiterarySupplement No 5658, 9 September 2011, pp. 14-15).


• “Serebrianyi vek v poezii vtoroi kul’tury 1970-kh godov: V. Krivulin i A. Mironov” in: Pravo na imia: Biografika 20 veka, Sed’mye biograficheskie chteniia pamiati V.V. Iofe (St Petersburg: European University and Research and Information Centre “Memorial”, 2010).



• “Die Lagergedichte des Warlam Schalamow”, Castrum Peregrini 271-272 (2006), pp. 91-103.



• Emily Lygo, Leningrad Poetry 1953-1975. The Thaw Generation. (Bern: Peter Lang, 2010; forthcoming in Modern Languages Review, April 2012 ).

• Galina Rylkova, The Archaeology of Anxiety: The Russian Silver Age and its Legacy (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2007), Europe Asia Studies, June 2009.



• Six chapters in: A History of Russian Literary Theory and Criticism: The Soviet Age and Beyond, ed. Evgeny Dobrenko and Galin Tihanov (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press), forthcoming in 2011.

• Four essays in: The New Age of Russia. Occult Roots and Influences in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia, ed. Birgit Menzel, Michael Hagemeister and Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal, forthcoming in 2011.

• Excerpts from Anatolii Naiman’s book “Sir” (Moscow 2000) in The Book of Isaiah, ed. Henry Hardy (Woodbridge: The Boydall Press, 2009).




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