Luca Mazzocchi

Profile & research

My DPhil thesis focuses on C.E. Gadda’s L’Adalgisa. Disegni milanesi, with the two-fold aim of providing the critical edition of the book (based on the autographs of the Trivulziana Library of Milan) and of connecting Gadda’s satire with a satirical-humourist European line (comprehending among others Swift, Fielding, Sterne). My project is fully funded by the Wolfson Post-Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities.

Before coming to Oxford, I studied at the University of Pavia, where I was member of the Almo Collegio Borromeo and of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia IUSS.

I am the Secretary of the sub-faculty of Italian Research Seminar Committee at Oxford (in the year 2018-19, I was the Coordinator for the Modern Area). In the year 2018-19, I was also part of the Oxford Medieval & Modern Languages Graduate Network as Academic Events Officer. 



‘Per Quattro figlie ebbe e ciascuna regina dell’Adalgisa. Genesi e primo abbozzo inedito’, in Strumenti critici, 1/2019, pp. 107-126, doi: 10.1419/92761, url: rivisteweb.


Conference papers

‘Per Quattro figlie ebbe e ciascuna regina. Ricognizioni genetiche e note critiche su un “disegno milanese” ’ (in the panel titled ‘Satire, satura, revelation. Perspectives on Carlo Emilio Gadda), 2019 Society for Italian Studies Biennal Conference, Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh (26-28 June 2019).


Conference organisation

‘Bodies & Embodiment’ —  2019 Oxford Medieval & Modern Languages Graduate Network Conference, featuring a key-note talk by Professor Santiago Fouz Hernández, Oxford, University of Oxford (24 June 2019).

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