Dr Lucy Dunlop

Stipendiary Lecturer in Russian

BA (Sheff), MSt (Oxf) 
DPhil student, Russian (Soviet Cultural History)
Third year


Working title of thesis: Hero Worship and Discourses of Heroism in the USSR under Brezhnev

My thesis examines the continuation, under the leadership of Leonid Brezhnev, of a long-established tradition of propaganda about the heroic character of the Soviet Union, as embodied by its citizens under the leadership of the communist party. Using published and archival documents from the USSR, I investigate the ways that state and party organisations constructed idealised portrayals of Soviet personhood, and how such representations were deployed in the media and through political education campaigns with the aim of developing appropriate forms of subjectivity in Soviet citizens. Contending that subject-formation was the principal purpose of heroic discourse, I look especially closely at material for and about Soviet youth of the 1960s and 1970s, comparing newspaper accounts of particularly high-profile individuals with records of discussions, at events for Communist Youth League (Komsomol) organisers and in the Propaganda Department of the CPSU Central Committee, about the promotion – and continued training – of suitable role models for Soviet youth.

Supervisor: Professor Catriona Kelly

Research funded by AHRC doctoral award

Current activities/memberships

Graduate Teaching Assistant, New College

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Organising committee member, CEELBAS Graduate Training Workshop: ‘Approaches to Narrative in the Russian and East European Context’ (to be held at TORCH, 6 February 2015)


Paper XII Special Subject: Russian literature from 1953 to the present day (lecture series: Soviet Literature of the 1980s)

Russian-English translation and Russian prose (language classes)

Nineteenth-century Russian literature for Prelims (tutorials)

Conference and seminar papers

Celebrity and the Soviet Union (Researching Celebrity: Theories and Methods symposium, Leeds Beckett University, 6-7 January 2015)

«ÐÑдÑÑ Ð±ÑÑÑÑо надоедаеѻ: ÑазлиÑнÑе ÑÐ¾Ð»ÐºÐ¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ «ÑоманÑики ÑÑÑизма» пÑи ÐÑежневе / “Leisure Quickly Grows Tiresome”: Differing Interpretations of ‘the romance of tourism’ in Brezhnev’s USSR («ÐÑиÑиалÑное и неоÑиÑиалÑное в ÑовеÑÑкой кÑлÑÑÑÑе» / Official and Unofficial in Soviet Culture workshop, European University at St. Petersburg, September 2014)

The Concept of Celebrity and the Purpose of Fame in Brezhnev’s USSR (TORCH New Directions in Celebrity workshop, University of Oxford, April 2014)

‘Celebrity’ in a Non-Western Context (TORCH Spotlight on Celebrity postgraduate study day, University of Oxford, January 2013)

Whose Narrative Is It Anyway? Brezhnev-era Youth and the Documentation of War (Negotiating Ideologies II conference, University of Edinburgh, September 2012)

‘In Our Fathers’ Glorious Footsteps’: Soviet Patriotic Education on Tour in the Sixties and Seventies (Slavonic Graduate Seminar, University of Oxford, April 2012)

Soviet Gymnasts, the International Press, and the Definition of Heroism in East and West (Russian Graduate Seminar Group (RUSSGRADS), University of Cambridge, October 2011)

‘Looking as Pixie as Ever’: American and Soviet Newspapers Discuss Soviet Olympic Heroines (Russian and East European Postgraduate Seminar Series, History Faculty, University of Oxford, May 2011)


AHRC doctoral award
Honorary Reynolds Scholarship (New College, Oxford, 2010)
Heath Harrison graduate scholarship (New College, Oxford, 2009)
Peter Mayo Prize in Russian (University of Sheffield, 2009)
Sheffield French Society Prize (University of Sheffield, 2007)

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