Luise Morawetz


Luise Morawetz is a first-year DPhil student at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, Oxford, funded by a Clarendon Scholarship at Hertford College. Her research explores the correlation of function and linguistic traits of Old High German, with focus on the pragmatic context of Old High German glosses.



  • Co-lecturer of the lecture series ‘Topics in Historical Linguistics’ HT 2021, organised by Henrike Lähnemann

  • Tutorials Paper IV (Linguistic Studies I), since MT 2020 to present

  • Lecture ‘Introduction to Middle High German’, MT 2020



  • Dictionary articles in: Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch. Band VIII,1: S – Sn-, vierte bis neunte Lieferung. Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2020

  • Frank Heidermanns & Luise Morawetz: Zum grammatischen Ertrag der neueren althochdeutschen Glossenforschung, in: Glossenstudien. Ergebnisse der neuen Forschung, ed. by Rolf Bergmann and Stefanie Stricker, Heidelberg: Winter, 2020, pp. 155-178




Conference papers:





  • DPhil student at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, Oxford (2020-present)

  • Research assistant (2016-2018) and research associate (2019-2020) at Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch (Dictionary of Old High German, Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities)

  • Bachelor and Master of Arts: German Language and Literature, University of Leipzig (2012-2018)



Twitter: @LuiseMorawetz


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