Oliver Jones


My DPhil project compares the work of the Soviet-era Russian author Vasilii Grossman and the Nobel Prize winning, German writer Heinrich Böll. It is funded by a CEELBAS-AHRC studentship and a Senior Scholarship at University College. Previously, I completed my masters in Russian at St Antony’s College Oxford, and my undergraduate studies at UCL with semesters at St Petersburg State University and Humboldt University of Berlin.

Alongside my DPhil, I was formerly the online editor of Free Speech Debate, an online-based, 13-language Oxford University research project investigating global freedom of expression in the age of the Internet. In 2018-2019, I was a research assistant on the Europe’s Stories project at the Oxford European Studies Centre and a young advisor for the Index on Censorship. In autumn 2019, I was a visiting research student in history at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow. I am currently a visiting fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard.



I have given lectures to undergraduates in the Russian sub-faculty on topics including Anna Akhmatova’s Requiem and the history and memory of the Gulag.



Book Reviews:

Jones, O. T., ‘Vasily Grossman and the Soviet Century by Popoff, Alexandra’, Slavonic and East European Review, 98.1 (Jan. 2020), pp. 163-165.

Essays and Reportage:

Jones, O. T., ‘“Lenin-Fall”: Free Speech and the Politics of Memory in Ukraine’, Free Speech Debate, 2018 https://freespeechdebate.com/discuss/lenin-fall-free-speech-and-the-politics-of-memory-in-ukraine/

Jones, O. T., ‘Dancing Together: Rave Culture and Social Activism in Tbilisi’, Political Critique, 2018 http://politicalcritique.org/cee/2018/dancing-together-rave-culture-and-social-activism-in-tbilisi/

Jones, O. T., ‘Gruzja: Co udało sie wywalczyć rejwerskimi protestami?’, trans. anon, Krytyka Polityczna, 2018 https://krytykapolityczna.pl/narkopolityka/globalnenarko/gruzja-co-udalo-sie-wywalczyc-rejwerskimi-protestami/?fbclid=IwAR2f77ENaYM-cs-o9mYqilpHpeQoiMbOKCpeTrJIAfDcN0n6w5CfRwHsKWE


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