Dr Pauline Souleau

Pauline Souleau, M.A., D.Phil.

Lecturer in French — Somerville College — Balliol College — Magdalen College

Executive Assistant at the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature



Pauline Souleau’s research focuses on narratology/narrative voices (in medieval romances and chronicles, francophone bandes dessinées and chanson populaire), on modern reception of medieval texts, and on conceptions of late medieval ideology and the relationship between truth and fiction in the High and Late Middle Ages. She worked previously on the historical figure of Eleanor of Aquitaine and her literary influence in the twelfth century and beyond. Her doctoral thesis (to be published) further explored historical and ideal visions of medieval Aquitaine by analysing its portrayal in Jean Froissart’s fourteenth-century Chroniques. Future research projects include a study on European alterity and identity in late medieval chronicles and romances in French.


Edited Volumes

(forthcoming) Performing Medieval Text. Eds. Ardis Butterfield, Henry Hope and Pauline Souleau. Oxford: Legenda, 2017.

Journal articles/Book Chapters

(forthcoming) “Of Narrative and Performative Masks: François Villon and Georges Brassens, polissons de la chanson” in Studies in Medievalism.

(forthcoming) “Étrangers d’ici et d’ailleurs dans le roman de Mélusine de Jean d’Arras : distances ou échanges?” Byzance et l’Occident III, Budapest: Collège Eötvös József ELTE, 2017.

“Voix narratives, polyphonie et autorité : Froissart et les Gascons dans le ‘Voyage en Béarn’ des Chroniques de Jean Froissart” in Sophie Marnette and Juan Manuel Lopez Muñoz (eds) Le Discours rapporté. Le Discours et la langue, Revue de linguistique française et d’analyse du discours, vol. 7. (2016).

“Renouer avec un passé chevaleresque ? Le dialogue franco-anglais dans les Chroniques de Jean Froissart” in Emese Egedi-Kovács (ed.) Dialogue des cultures courtoises, Actes du colloque international de Budapest, les 3–4 juin 2011, Budapest: Collège Eötvös József ELTE, 2012

Review Articles

Reviewer for French Studies.

Beer, Jeanette. In Their Own Words: Practices of Quotation in Early Medieval History-Writing, Letters in Canada, University of Toronto Quatertly, 85.3 (Summer 2016).


Lecture Series on Froissart, Poet, Romancer, Chronicler: à la croisée des genres; The Other in the Middle Ages; La Chanson de Roland; La Chastelaine de Vergi.

Final Honour School in Modern Languages

Paper I Essay in French; Paper II Translation into Modern French; French Oral; Paper VI French literature to 1530; Paper IX Medieval Texts.

Preliminary Examination in Modern Languages

Paper I Summary, Grammar, Translation into French; French Oral; Paper III Short Texts; Paper IV French Narrative Fiction.

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