Dr Rey Conquer

Stipendiary Lecturer in German, St Hilda's College

My teaching covers the modern period (defined in this case as 1770 to the present), particularly poetry and film, as well as German-English translation. I teach or have taught Rilke, Fassbinder and Petzold as prescribed authors (Paper X), and have supervised work on translation theory (with regard to Beckett) and the senses in literature around 1900.

My first book, which is coming out in 2019, looks at colour in the poetry and prose of Stefan George, Rainer Maria Rilke, Wassily Kandinsky and Else Lasker-Schüler, and uses colour language as a way to think more about how poetic language works. I am currently looking at writing on visual art from around the turn of the twentieth century (Julius Meier-Graefe, Richard Muther, Rilke again…), and what that tells us about attitudes to writing (as well as to visual art). In this, and in a longer-term project looking at the history of quarrels and controversies to do with poetic form, I am particularly interested in styles, forms and modes considered embarrassing or excessive.

I also have a longer-term interest in ideas of liturgy and the theology of space in modernist church architecture and experimental poetry. This is, at least for now, ‘on the back burner’. For more about it, see my college profile.


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