Roberto Binetti

Graduate Development Scholar and Lecturer in Italian at St Anne’s College.


Academic background

BA in Italian literature and Classics: University of Padua

MA in Modern Philology: University of Padua



Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature; Reception Studies; Women’s studies; Literature and Psychoanalysis; Theory of the Lyric; Stylistics and Metrics; Ecology and Eco-criticism.


My research focuses on the interaction of poetry, in Italian and beyond, with other ‘systems of meaning’, including psychoanalysis, historiography, and the social sciences. My doctoral research addresses new questions about women’s writing and the relationship between lyric poetry and cultural history. My thesis challenges the ongoing dialectics of exclusion that characterised the treatment of Italian women’s poetry within the literary market and academic discourse. I did so by demonstrating both the reflection of historical narratives in lyric poetry, and the entangled network of cultural, political, and literary exchanges in a dense and dramatic period of Italian history known as the ‘long seventies’ (1968-82). More specificallu, I am looking at those poets who were writing, publishing, and living in Rome during that decade, namely Elsa Morante, Amelia Rosselli, Patrizia Cavalli, and Biancamaria Frabotta.




I am currently a Graduate Development Scholar and Tutor in Italian at St Anne’s College where I teach to first and second year students.

Italian language and literature, with a particular focus on modern and contemporary Italian literature (FHS Papers VIII, XI and XII), and Prelims courses on the History of the Sonnet, Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti and Modern Italian Narrative (Italo Calvino, Primo Levi, Anna Maria Ortese, and Cesare Pavese). 


Academic Activities

I am part of the Sub-faculty of Italian Research Seminar Committe at Oxford where I coordinate the Modern area.

At present, I am co-ordinating a research network on contemporary Italian poetry, Italian Poetry Today, based at The Queen’s College, Oxford. ITP aims to discuss, appreciate, and problematise issues of contemporary Italian poetry, in continuous dialogue with living poets, writers, translators, and scholars.
The conversations fostered by this reading group is laying the foundations for a book project, co-authored with Dr Adele Bardazzi, provisionally entitled A Poetics of Femininity? Contemporary Italian Women’s Poetry, which will examine the notion of ‘women’s writing’ within the Italian poetic context through a series of interviews with contemporary Italian poets. This project is funded by the John Fell Fund.

I am also co-convenor of the centenary conference on the poet Andrea Zanzotto that will be held at Oxford in 2021: Conglomerati. Andrea Zanzotto’s Poetic Clusters (Oxford, 8-9 March 2021).


Selected Publications

Book Chapters


  • Binetti, Roberto, ‘Lyric, History, and Self-representation. A Female Subject’s Utopia in Biancamaria Frabotta’s Poetry’ in Rebaudengo, M., and Reichdart, D. The Winter of Italy’s Discontent (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2020).

Articles in Journals


  • Binetti, Roberto, Three Texts from Hannah Sullivan’s Three Poems translated into Italian, Nuovi Argomenti, VI, May-August 2021, (Milan: Mondadori, 2021);
  • Binetti, Roberto, Translation of ‘The Heraclitus Poem’ by Hannah Sullivan from Three Poems (London: Faber&Faber, 2018), online publication on Officina Poesia, Nuovi Argomenti (February 2021);
  • Binetti, Roberto, Selection of Texts from Mario Benedetti’s Moriremo guardati (1994) and Umana gloria (2004), 

Conference Papers

  • ‘The Enemy Mind. From Lament to Self-representation in Contemporary Italian Women’s Poetry’, ACLA 2021, Panel: Elegy Today: Revisions, Rejections, and Re-mappings, 10 April 2021;
  • ‘Seasons of Silence: Aphasia in Andrea Zanzotto’s and Amelia Rosselli’s Poetics’, Conglomerati. Andrea Zanzotto’s Poetic Clusters, Chirst Church, University of Oxford, 8-9 March 2021;
  • “Three Dichotomies for a Lacanian Theory of Women’s Lyric”, Hermeneutics and Interpretation of Poetry Theory and Practice Today Conference, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford, 30-31 May 2020;
  • “The Unbearable Lightness of Patrizia Cavalli’s Poetry. Tradition and its Discontent”, Reading Group on Contemporary Italian Poetry. On the Edge of Traditions — The Queen’s College, Oxford, 22 January 2020;
  • «The simple I whishes / To get into this star system.» Code-switching e afasia in Haiku for a Season di Andrea Zanzotto”,  XXIII Congresso ADI, Letteratura e scienza — Università di Pisa, 12-14 September 2019, Panel “Il silenzio è un testo facile da fraintendere. Nuovi approcci al tema dell’afasia in letteratura”;
  • “A Poetics of Femininity? Towards a Reassessment of Contemporary Italian Women’s Poetry”,  Italian Studies Theory and Practice: An ERC Conference, 13-14 May 2019, University College Cork, IRELAND, Panel “Gender: Authorship and Reception”.

Events and Conference Convened

  • ‘Elegy Today: Revisions, Rejections, Re-mappings’, Seminar at ACLA 2021, the seminar will be chaired by Prof. Jonathan Culler, 10-11-12 April 2021;
  • ‘Conglomerati. Andrea Zanzotto’s Poetic Clusters’ Interdisciplinary Conference at Christ Church, University of Oxford, 8-9 March 2021;
  • ‘Garden and Wood Coincide’, seminar held by Laura Pugno, Italian Poetry Today, 20 January 2021;
  • ‘Between Poetry and Prose’, seminar held by Valerio Magrelli, Italian Poetry Today, 2 December 2020;
  • ‘Being Human’, seminar held by Stefano Dal Bianco, Italian Poetry Today, 11 November 2020;
  • Panel organised with M. Josi (Cambridge) and N. Maniero (Cambridge) “Il silenzio è un testo facile da fraintendere. Nuovi approcci al tema dell’afasia in letteratura”, XXIII Congresso ADI, Letteratura e scienza — Università di Pisa, 12-14 Settembre 2019;


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