Sinan Richards

Sinan Richards

Research affiliation 

Junior member, Centre International d’Étude de la Philosophie Française Contemporaine (CIEPFC), USR 3608, République des Savoirs (ENS/ CNRS/ Collège de France).


My research is primarily centered on twentieth-century French writing, focused at the intersection of emotions, deceit, and social rules. My D.Phil investigates the possibility of love in twentieth-century French thought. I explore love in relation to lies and desire. My other research seeks to examine and define perfidy as a means of retroactively correcting history. I read duplicitousness in politeness as it interacts with social rules. This aspect of my research investigates politeness in twentieth-century French and Francophone cinema. I aim to examine how the absence of politeness is deployed by postcolonial directors to unsettle and disconcert their audience, and to demand civility from others. 




“Merely Clipped: Re-Staging the global south with Abbas Kiarostami’s Close- up,ARTL@S Bulletin (8.2, 2019). (Under Review).

“The Violence of Politeness: Implicit Bienséance in the Sadian Universe,” Early Modern French Studies 39.1 (2017): 75-88.

Book Chapters 

“Sartre and Lacan: Reading Qui Perd Gagne alongside Les Non-Dupes Errent” in Freedom and the Subject of Theory: Essays in Honour of Christina Howells, Oliver Davis and Colin Davis (eds.), Legenda, (July 2019: forthcoming).

“Rühre nicht, Bock! denn es brennt” in Žižek and Christianity, Mitralexis and Skliris (eds.), Transcending Boundaries in Philosophy and Theology, Routeledge: London and New York, (2019). pp. 167-187.


Jean-Pierre Dupuy, “Science without Philosophy: The Case of Big Data”, Crisis and Critique, 5.1 (2018): 146-161.

Frédéric Lordon, “The Economic Catastrophe as a Passionate Event”, Crisis and Critique, 3.3 (2016):  275-284.


Jacques Lacan, Past and Present: A Dialogue, Alain Badiou and Elisabeth Roudinesco, Translated by Jason E Smith, Columbia University Press, New York, 2014, in Marx and Philosophy Review of Books 


Currently teaching at the École normale supérieure, Paris.

  • S1 Between Love and Gender (Postgraduate), Translation (Agrégation) , Topics in Contemporary American Politics (L3/M1)
  • S2 Exile Writing (Postgraduate), Comprehension (Agrégation) , Topics in Contemporary American Politics (L3/M1)
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