Masters Programmes

The Faculty offers a wide range of taught Masters programmes. The courses in Modern Languages and Slavonic Studies are offered both as a one-year MSt and a two-year MPhil, whereas the programmes in Yiddish Studies, Women’s Studies, Film Aesthetics and Medieval Studies are offered as one-year MSt courses.

Our Masters courses offer a wide range of languages, and it is possible to study two languages within the Comparative Literature programme.

The links below have more details about the specific programmes, or, to compare the different Masters courses and find the one that is best for you, feel free to use the Graduate course finder.

MSt/MPhil in Modern Languages

One or two years in a wide range of languages and interdisciplinary topics

MSt/MPhil in Slavonic Studies

One or two years in a wide range of Slavonic languages and topics

MSt in Yiddish Studies

One year examining linguistic, historical and socio-cultural topics

MSt in Women's Studies

One-year interdisciplinary course across five faculties

MSt in Film Aesthetics

One-year course teaching history and contemporary developments in film

MSt in Medieval Studies

One-year interdisciplinary course in coordination with the Faculty of History

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