Dr C Bateman

Career Development Fellow in French at New College



Chimene Bateman’s main research interests lie in medieval and sixteenth-century French literature; particularly in the areas of literature and gender; courtly and erotic literature; and the influence of the ancient Greek and Roman past. She is currently writing a book on the figure of the female addressee in medieval and sixteenth-century literature.


French literature of the Middle Ages and the sixteenth century; translation from French to English.


‘The Lyonnaise Medusa: Louise Labé in the Poetry of Olivier de Magny’, Romanic Review, (forthcoming in 2009),

‘Amazonian Knots: Gender, Genre, and Ariosto’s Women Warriors’, MLN, 122.1 (2007), 1-23

‘Problems of Recognition: The Fallible Narrator and the Female Addressee in Partonopeu de Blois’, Mediaevalia, 25.2 (2004), 163-79

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