Professor D Papanikolaou

Dimitris Papanikolaou, BA (Athens), MA (London), PhD (London)
Associate Professor in Modern Greek and Fellow of



Dimitris’s research focuses on the ways Modern Greek literature opens a dialogue with other cultural forms (especially Greek popular culture) as well as other literatures and cultures; the other important strand of his research focuses on queer theory and Greek queer cultures. He is committed to literary and cultural theory and the new perspectives they offer for the study of literature.

His next big projects include: a study of cultural responses to the current Greek socio-economic crisis; a monograph on national identity, homosociality and homosexuality in Greek culture; a detailed study of the writings of C.P.Cavafy informed by queer theory and the histories of sexuality; and a longer project provisionally entitled ‘Queering Hellas: Movement, sexuality and the place of Greece between the wars’, which looks into expressions of queer desire by writers who moved in and/or out of Greece in the 1920s and 1930s.


Modern Greek Literature and Culture, 19th and 20th century (convenor and main tutor for all the Modern papers). Greek cinema. Queer theory and Gender Sudies (in the MSt course). Cultural Studies (convenor of the MSt special subject).



Singing Poets: Literature and Popular Music in France and Greece (Oxford: Legenda, 2007) See excerpts on Googlebooks

Articles in journals

 ‘«Η νέα φάσις του έρωτος»: Ο νεοτερικός λόγος της σεξολογίας και ο Καβάφης’ [C.P.Cavafy and the modern discourses of sexology, ca.1900], Epistemonike Epeterida tes Philosophikes Scholes Thessalonikes, v.12 (2010), 195-211

‘New Queer Greece? : Thinking Identity through Constantine Giannaris’s From the Edge of the City and Ana Kokkinos’s Head On, New Cinemas , 6:3 (2008), 183-196

(with Derek Duncan) ‘Introduction: Queering Migration on European Screen’, New Cinemas, 6:3 (2008), 163-166

‘Demetrios Capetanakis: A Greek Poet (coming out) in England’, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 30:2 (2006), 213-235

‘ “Words that tell and hide”: Revisiting C.P.Cavafy’s Closets’, Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 23 (2005), 235-260

‘Greece as a Postmodern Example: Boundary 2 and its Special Issue on Greece’, KAMPOS: Cambridge Papers in Modern Greek, 13 (2005), 127-145

‘Η τέχνη της χειρονομίας: Ξαναδιαβάζοντας τα 18 Κειμενα’ [The art of gesturing: A new reading of the anti-dictatorship collection 18 Texts], Nea Hestia, 1743 (March) (2002), 444 — 460

Chapters in books

’”Κάνοντας κάτι παράδοξες κινήσεις”: Ο πολιτισμός στα χρόνια της Δικτατορίας’ [Culture under the Greek Dictatorship, 1967-1974], He stratiotike diktatoria 1967-1974, ed. Vangelis Karamanolakis (Athens: Ta Nea, 2010), 175-196. A shorter version published in the newspaper Ta Nea, see here and here

‘Στρέλλα: Μια ταινία για όλη την οικογένεια’ [Introductory essay on the film Strella: A Woman’s Way, published with the screenplay and an interview with the director and writer], Strella (Athens: Polychromos Planetes, 2010), 9-24. Review

‘«Αφεντικό, άνθρωπο δεν αγάπησα σαν κι εσένα»: Ο Αλέξης Ζορμπάς και η ποιητική της ομοκοινωνικότητας’ [Zorba the Greek and the poetics of homosociality], Ho Kazantzakes ston 21o aiona, ed. S.Philippides (Heracleion: Crete University Press, 2010), 435-475

‘Repatriation on Screen: Cinema, National Culture and the Immigrant Other since the 1990s’, in Dimitris Tziovas (ed.)’, Greek Diaspora and Migration since 1700 (Ashgate: Aldershot, 2009), 257-272

‘Δέκα χρόνια κομμάτια: Τα ρέστα, ο Ταχτσής και η εποχή τους’ [essay on K.Taktsis’s classic short story cycle, published with the new edition of the book], in Costas Taktsis, Ta Resta (Athens: Gavriilidis, 2009), 172-189; a shorter version published in newspaper Ta Nea, see here and here

‘Εθνική κουλτούρα, πολιτισμική ιδιαιτερότητα και πεζή μοναδικότητα’ [National culture, cultural specificity and banal exceptionalism], Pagkosmiopoiese kai ethnike koultoura [Globalization and National Culture], ed. Dimitris Plantzos (ed.) (Athens: Alexandreia, 2009), 138-158

‘Οι μεταμορφώσεις του Ζορμπά’ [Zorba and popular music], Nikos Kazantzakis: To ergo kai he proslepse tou, ed. N.Psychogios (Herakleion: Centre for Cretan Literature, 2006), 91-108

Ξαναδιαβάζοντας τον ελληνικό κόσμο του Διονύση Σαββόπουλου’ [Dionysis Savvopoulos’s “Hellenic world”], Third European Conference on Modern Greek Studies (2006), print version in The Greek World From Enlightenment to the 20th century, ed. K. Dimadis (Athens: Ellenika Grammata), v. III, 647-656

‘Το νησί ως ουτοπία, δυστοπία, μύθος και γραφή στον Λοιμό του Αντρέα Φραγκιά’ [Utopia, dystopia, myth and writing in A. Fragias’s Loimos], Greece of the Islands: Proceedings of the 2nd Conference of the European Society of Modern Greek Studies, ed. Asterios Argyriou, (Athens: Ellenika Grammata, 2004), vol. I, 629-639

Shorter essays and review articles (selected)

‘Archive Trouble: Cultural Responses to the Greek Crisis’, in Penelope Papailias (ed.), Beyond the Greek Crisis: Histories, Rhetorics, Politics; Web Hotspot published by the journal Cultural Anthropology, October 2011

‘Ο Κακογιάννης, ο Ζορμπάς κι ο Έλληνας’ [Cacoyannis, Zorba and the Greek], The Books’ Journal, v. 11 (September 2011), 58-61

[Elias Petropoulos and the the study of Greek subcultures], , v. 7 (May 2011), 62-69; e-version

‘Ο Καβάφης στον 21ο αιώνα’ [Cavafy in the 21st century; position article on the impliations of new research on Cavafy], The Books’ Journal, v. 4 (February 2011), 41-49, e-version

‘Κάτι τρέχει με την Οικογένεια’ [Greek family, representation and the new crisis archive], The Books’ Journal, v. 1 (November 2010), 96-98


‘Γιάννης Τσαρούχης: Το μυστικό της ελληνικότητας’ [Yannis Tsarouchis and the poetics of homosociality], The Athens Review of Books, v. 5 (March 2010), 3-6

‘Για τη Θεωρία, που μας μεγάλωσε’ [Literary Theory: A personal narrative], in Kostas Voulgaris (ed.), Logotechnia, Theoria, Aristera (Perasma: Athens, 2008), 160-165

(with Derek Duncan) ‘Popular Culture’ [covering books published in 2005 and 2006], in Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory v. 16, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), 302-324

‘‘From the Darkrooms of Philology’, Position article on Cavafy and Sexuality; part of the “University of Michigan Cavafy forum”’, (2006)

(with Derek Duncan), ‘Popular Culture’ [covering books published in 2004] ‘, Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory v. 14, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), 152-172

‘Cinema as a Political Act: The art of Costa-Gavras and Theo Angelopoulos ‘, The Anglo-Hellenic Review, 29 (Spring 2004), 11

‘Setting Seferis’ poetry to music’, George Seferis: Centenary Celebrations (Hellenic Foundation for Culture, 2000), 7 — 12


Mark Doty, ‘To Cavafy and other poems’, Poiese, v. 24 (December 2004)

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