Dr K Gwyer

Kirstin Gwyer
Lecturer in German


Kirstin Gwyer’s research interests are in twentieth- and twenty-first-century German literature, with particular focus on Holocaust literature and contemporary German-Jewish writing, postmodernism and critical theory.


German language and literature from the eighteenth century to the present, with a special interest in modernist and contemporary writing. Prescribed authors offered include Thomas Mann, Grass and Sebald.



‘Beyond Lateness? “Postmemory” and the Late(st) German-Language Family Novel’, in Figuring Lateness: Lateness, Belatedness and Late Style in Modern German Culture, ed. by Karen Leeder (= New German Critique 125 (2015)), 137-53

‘ “Schmerzensspuren der Geschichte(n)”: Memory and Intertextuality in H.G. Adler and W.G. Sebald, in Memory, Witnessing, Poetics: H.G. Adler and W.G. Sebald, ed. by Helen Finch and Lynn L. Wolff (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2014), 112-36

Encrypting the Past: The German-Jewish Holocaust Novel of the First Generation (Oxford: OUP, 2014)

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