Rebecca Bowen

D.Phil. candidate and Clarendon Scholar at Somerville College specializing in Italian medieval poetry and its classical influences.


My PhD research explores the history and development of personifications of love from classical Latin to medieval Italian poetry, looking at visual as well as literary culture to trace the tendrils of tradition that lead Cupid (in his many incarnations) through late antiquity into the European Middle Ages.

More broadly my research interests include medieval Italian literature and love lyric, the works of Dante, the place of classical and late antique culture in the Middle Ages, and the relationship between art and text in the creation of poetic imagery.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Italian and Classics from the University of Edinburgh and a Masters in Italian from Oxford.


I lecture on introduction to Italian Medieval Poetry (paper IV); I tutor finalists in Dante studies (paper IX); and teach second year translation (Italian to English).

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