T M Rainsford

Thomas Rainsford
British Academy Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Linacre College, St Cross Road, Oxford, OX1 3JA
Email: thomas.rainsford@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk
Webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/rainsfordtm/home





Tom Rainsford is a British Academy post-doctoral fellow (2012-2015) specializing in historical linguistics, and more specifically the interaction between prosodic and syntactic change in medieval French and medieval Occitan. His current research project will examine the role of prosodic change as a causal factor in the diverging development of these two varieties in the medieval period.


Rainsford, T. M. (forthcoming) ‘Sur la disparition de l’enclise en ancien français’, in W. Ayres-Bennett and T. M. Rainsford (eds) Actes du colloque SIDF 2011

—— (2011) ‘Dividing Lines: The Changing Syntax and Prosody of the Mid-Line Break in Medieval French Octosyllabic Verse’, Transactions of the Philological Society 109: 265–83.

—— (2010) ‘Rhythmic Change in the Medieval Octosyllable and the Development of Group Stress’ in F. Neveu, V. Muni-Toke, T. Klingler, J. Durand, L. Mondada and S. Prévost (eds) Congrès mondial de linguistique française: CMLF 2010 (Paris: Institut de linguistique française), pp. 321–36.

Rainsford, T. M., C. Guillot, A. Lavrentiev and S. Prévost (2012) ‘La zone préverbale en ancien français : apport de corpus annotés’, in F. Neveu, V. Muni-Toke, P. Blumenthal, T. Klingler, P. Ligas, S. Prévost and S. Teston-Bonnard (eds) 3e Congrès mondial de linguistique française: CMLF 2012 (Paris: Institut de linguistique française), pp. 159–176 <DOI: 10.1051/shsconf/20120100246 >

Mazziotta, N., B. Bischof, J. Glikman et T. M. Rainsford (2012) ‘Ce sujet dans les ‘constructions impersonnelles’ du Roman de Tristan de Béroul’, L’Information grammaticale 132: 48–52.

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