Waqas Mirza

PhD Candidate & Tutor (Modern French Literature)


I completed a BA in French and English Language and Literature at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, where I also completed an MA with a specialization in dramaturgy and theatre history.

My DPhil thesis explores an essential component of Samuel Beckett’s artistic process, that is the act of translating his own works. It compares both the English and French versions of Samuel Beckett’s trilogy with the aim of examining how self-translation affects the representation of the character’s mind and consciousness. I am applying this critical approach to reveal the differences in the way the mind is represented in both versions of the three novels: Molloy, Malone Meurt, and L’Innommable.

On a broader note, my research interests are in the fields of 20th century French and English literature, representation of the mind and consciousness in the arts, literary bilingualism and self-translation.



I am currently teaching undergraduate tutorials at Oxford on Modern French literature as well as translation from and into Modern French.

Between 2009 to 2016, I taught different courses in Switzerland. These include: classroom teaching and private tutoring of French and English languages and literature to secondary/high school and college students in the Swiss public system; teaching French as a foreign language to unemployed adults in a private institution for continuing education.



Other than teaching, I have also worked as a translator for the past three years:

  • Transcription and translation of 17th century documents for the Pitt Rivers Museum.

  • Charles-Irénée Castel de Saint Pierre, Project for Perpetual Peace in Europe in The Idea of Europe: Enlightenment Perspectives. Texts selected by Catriona Seth and Rotraud von Kulessa. Translated by Catriona Seth et al. (June 2017).

  • 2015-2017: Translator for Lombard Odier & Cie.


Papers, Talks & Conferences

  • ‘The Self Translation of the Representation of the Mind in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy’, at the International Samuel Beckett Conference: Literature and translation, (University of Estramadura, Spain) on April 12th-13th 2018.

  • ‘Memory Manipulation and Personal Identity: Beckett, Nolan and Gondry’ at the 2018 American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting (University of California Los Angeles, USA), on March 29th — April 1st 2018.

  • ‘Why Does Literature Outlive its Moment?’, at the Lincoln Leads in Literature (University of Oxford) on March 1st 2018 .

  • ‘The Self Translation of Mental Verbs in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy’, at the Creative Multilingual Identities Conference 2018, (University of Reading) on February 2nd 2018 .

  • ‘The Self Translation of Mental Verbs in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy’, presented at the French Graduate Seminar (All Soul’s College) on October 17th 2017.


Creative writing

Poetry published in the University of Geneva’s English journal Noted :


Other activities

Theatre and opera reviews published on the University of Lausanne’s Atelier Critique website:

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