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National Identity in Russia from 1961 : Traditions & Deterritorialisation







Suggestions for links to relevant websites related to the project are very welcome.

If you have any such suggestions, please contact us at russian-nationalism@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk


Research Projects

     Networks and Hierarchies in the Soviet Provinces 

       (University of Manchester; ESRC project; RES-000-23-0880)

     Regional Memory in Kazan'

       (University of Tübingen; 'History Workshop Europe' project; website in German, English and Russian)


       (International network researching the history of the documentation of individual identity)

     The Paths of Soviet Urban Migration 

       (Oral history project focusing on Russia's North-West, funded by Geschichtswerkstatt Europa)


Research Centres


       (Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, University of Surrey)


       (Information-Analytical Centre, based in Moscow, devoted to radical nationalism and religion in Russia)



     The Demographic Challenge in Russia and Eurasia: What Role for Civil Society

       (Annual BEARR Trust Conference, 23 Nov 2007)



     Cambridge Cultural Memory    




     Russian Nationalism Yahoo Group 

       (large number of additional links available here)



     Valery Tishkov 

       (scholar of Russian ethnicity and nationhood)

     Anton Shekhovtsov

       (PhD student in Political Science at Sevastopol National Technical University (SNTU), Sevastopol, Ukraine, working on new radical right-wing parties in Western and Eastern Europe, esp. the Russian New Right and Neo-Eurasianism. A couple of his articles are available in html here (2008) and here (2009).


Documents, Sources, Materials, Debates


       (News and analytical site run by Memorial)


       (Website with patriotic/nationalist materials)

     Zavtra [Tomorrow]

       (Ultra-nationalist newspaper, edited by Aleksandr Prokhanov)

     Internet protiv teleekrana 

       (Patriotic and anti-Western website)

     New Russian Public Holidays

       (General information about public holidays in Russia

        Greeting cards for 12 June (Russia Day)

        Official site for the Moscow celebrations marking 12 June 2007

        Discussion on a blog about celebrations on 4 November (Day of National Unity) in Moscow, with photos

        Blog comparing the celebrations on 12 June and 4 November)


     Russkii marsh [Russian march]

       (Official website of the Russian nationalist marches, organised on 4 November in different cities

        News agency report on the march in Moscow

        Reminiscences about the Moscow march by a St Petersburg nationalist

        Report and discussion of the march in St Petersburg)

     Theology as an academic discipline

       (Open letter written by ten members of the Russian Academy of Sciences

        Response to the letter on Internet protiv teleekrana)




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