'Reform & Revolt' - Women in German Studies Open Conference

22 June 2017 to 24 June 2017
Thursday 22 - Saturday 24 June 2017
St Edmund Hall, Oxford

Women in German Studies is a professional organisation for Germanists in Great Britain and Ireland which was founded in 1988 by Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. From 22 to 24 June 2017 the conference will come to Oxford for the first time, to explore the topics ‘reform’ and ‘revolt’ across German history, literature and culture.


Germany does not have a strong reputation when it comes to revolution. Neither the ‘Märzrevolution’ of 1848 nor the start of the Weimar Republic have ever acquired the iconic status of the French Revolution, for example. It is different with the term ‘Reformation’, however: the quincentenary of the publication of the 95 theses by Martin Luther is a timely reminder of the potential for change and questioning in German history — and even more in culture and literature. The 2017 Women in German Studies Open Conference aims to explore the broad potential of the two wider concepts linked with the themes of revolution and reformation, by looking at reform and revolt, both as significant aesthetic categories and as thematic ones.

The conference is open to members and non-members, male or female.

St Edmund Hall
Queen's Lane
United Kingdom
01865 279000
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