Storming Utopia

24 June 2017
Saturday 24 June, 20:00-21:00
Magdalen College School, Rose Garden

The final performance of STORMING UTOPIA is this Saturday: the ‘gala’ opening show of the Oxford Festival of the Arts.

Part of a Knowledge Exchange Partnership between TORCH, the Pegasus Theatre, MML and others within Oxford, Storming Utopia, co-directed by Wes Williams, and featuring a number of MML colleagues and students as performers, is a show generated by discussions about ideal communities and life in post-Brexit Britain: our group of performers includes academics, refugees, students, and primary school children, cellists, dancers, historians of the theatre, and geographers….

The central questions asked by the show include: who owns, runs, or governs the city we live in? How do you get in, and how do you leave? Do the various parts of Oxford – schools, mosques, churches, rivers, playgrounds, shopping centres, colleges… and theatres – make of our city a Utopia, and/or an archipelago, a collection of islands? These are ancient questions, but they all still matter today, not least in respect of the Oxford Festival of the Arts itself…

We have made a ‘mash-up’ of Thomas More’s Utopia, Shakespeare’s Tempest, and the experiences of a range of people in Oxford, today, and we invite you come and see, hear, marvel and question what we have made….

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