2015 Award from the BritishSpanish Society

25 Jun 2015: PhD candidate Diego Rubio has won the 2015 Award from the BritishSpanish Society for his substantial contribution to our understanding of the Early Modern Political Thought and the cultural history of Britain and Spain.

The Awards Ceremony was hosted by the Ambassador of Spain to the United Kingdom at his residence in London in May 2015. Mr Rubio gave a speech on the value of the Humanities and the importance of scholarships to ensure equal access to higher education.

The BritishSpanish Society is a registered charity and a non-political organisation which aims to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Britain and Spain through knowledge of their respective customs, institutions, history and way of life. Thanks to the generous support of corporate and institutional sponsors, the Society runs an annual scholarship programme for postgraduate students. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit to British and Spanish students to enable them pursue postgraduate studies and, in the process, foster British-Spanish understanding between individuals and institutions.

Learn more about 2015 scholars at the BritishSpanish Society website.

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