Professor C Duttlinger

Carolin Duttlinger, M.A. (M.Phil., Ph.D. Cambridge )
Associate Professor in German, Fellow of Wadham College


International conference: Weimar Photography: Seriality, Sequentiality, Narrativity
(25-26 March, Wadham College Oxford)
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Carolin Duttlinger’s main research interests are in the field of twentieth and twenty-first-century German literature, thought and culture. She has worked on such areas as the relationship between literature and photography, the history and theory of perception, literature and memory, the Frankfurt School, and literature and anthropology. Her current book project is a study of attentiveness and distraction in modern German culture.

Carolin Duttlinger has been a member of the Oxford-Princeton Research Project on Walter Benjamin, ‘Benjamin Encounters’. She is a co-director of the Oxford Kafka Research Centre.


German language and literature from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, in particular modernist and contemporary literature.



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