Dr H Jones

Howard Jones, M.A. (Oxon), B.A., Ph.D. (London)
Fellow and Lecturer in Linguistics,


Howard Jones’s main research interests are in the early Germanic languages, especially Gothic, Old English, Old High German, and Middle High German. He is currently working with Martin Jones on an Introduction to Middle High German to be published by OUP.


German. Finals: Old High German (Paper V/1), History of the German Language (Paper IV), Early Germanic Languages (Paper XII).

Linguistics. Prelims: General Linguistics (Paper VIII); Finals: Historical Linguistics (Paper XII), General Linguistics (Paper XIII).

Teaching resources can be found here.


‘The status of passive constructions in Old English’, with Morgan Macleod, Transactions of the Philological Society (forthcoming).

Martin Luther: An Open Letter on Translating, translated by Howard Jones, Oxford: Taylor Institution Library (2017).

‘On the early origins of the Germanic preterite presents’, with Will Randall, Transactions of the Philological Society 113(2), 137-176 (2015).

‘Reference time and the English past tenses’, with Wilfried Meyer-Viol, Linguistics and Philosophy 34(3), 223-256 (2011).

‘Aktionsart’ in the Old High German Passive, Beiträge zur germanistischen Sprachwissenschaft, Hamburg/Buske (2009).

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