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National Identity in Russia from 1961 : Traditions & Deterritorialisation



National Identity in Eurasia II : Migrancy & Diaspora

10-12 July 2009

Wolfson College, University of Oxford

sponsored by:

Arts and Humanities Research Council

Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies

Wolfson College, University of Oxford

History Faculty, University of Oxford

Centre on Migration Policy and Society, University of Oxford

European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford


The conference explores a range of different aspects of migration and diaspora in the countries that once formed part of the Soviet Union, as well as those states and cultures that border the former superstate. While the emphasis of the conference is on current, post-Soviet, trends, these are always viewed from a historical perspective, with a strong awareness of the legacies of the Soviet past. The conference explores migration in Eurasia from a macro- as well as micro-perspective. It looks at contemporary migration policies and the practicalities of its implementation; it tackles questions of national, ethnic, migrant and diasporic identity; it deconstructs representations of migrants and diasporas; it explores the problems of memory and politics, gender and labour, education and integration; it examines issues of social status, mobility and networking. Gathering together sociologists, anthropologists, historians, geographers and political scientists from France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK, it presents a uniquely wide-ranging, cross-disciplinary forum for informed discussion of issues that are of enormous topical significance.


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