MSt/MPhil in Modern Languages

The MSt and MPhil courses in Modern Languages are suitable for those interested in a single literature or in comparative literature, and can be done in either one or two literatures. The courses offer a wide range of languages with flexible, tailored programmes and various interdisciplinary options such as Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, European Enlightenment and Medieval Studies.

The one-year MSt is suitable if you are unsure whether you want to do a research degree, as it provides a self-contained qualification that can lead on to further study but is also valuable in its own right. It allows you to:

  • build on your undergraduate studies
  • learn about literary theory or methods of scholarship
  • write a dissertation on a topic that interests you

The two-year MPhil course enables candidates who already have a high level of attainment in a foreign language or languages, and have studied literature to honours level, to:

  • develop their interests further
  • address general problems in literary study
  • acquire research skills, often of a highly technical kind
  • do a substantial piece of independent research
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