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The University is organised into about 140 different departments, each of which recruits its own staff.  Permanent academic posts usually have a ‘joint’ post in a College and in the Faculty, but there will also be posts (often, but not exclusively, research-only or teaching-only) that are based in either a College or a Faculty/Department.  Colleges arrange their own recruitment and will advertise vacancies on their own websites, although many will also place vacancies on the main university website at:

The following vacancies are primarily in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, which is based at 41 and 47 Wellington Square. 

The Modern Languages Faculty has roughly 1,000 undergraduates reading for the Honour School of Modern Languages or one of five Joint Schools, and approximately 150 graduate students; there are around 100 academic staff holding university posts.  The main subjects studied are French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Modern Greek.

The Faculty’s administrative staff are based in Wellington Square.  Most academic staff are based in colleges, but a small number of academics and some research staff are also based at Wellington Square.

The University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to valuing diversity.


The British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship Scheme will run in early Autumn for fellowships to start in MT19.

The scheme closing date has yet to be announced, but is usually early October.

Faculties/institutions are asked to pre-review any applicants for the scheme, and the Humanities Division is able to offer assistance in drafting applications to a small number of applicants; as such, there is an internal process to identify applicants who should be supported in applying to the scheme.

The deadline for Faculty review of potential applicants is to 9am on Monday 30 July 2018.

To be considered, applicants should complete an application form and send it to by the closing date.   In addition, candidates should ask their proposed mentor to e-mail a short (200 words or so) statement of support for their application to the same address of




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